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It all started back in…

Gabriel Nieves was born and raised in the City of Santa Ana, California the year of 1981. Early in life he experience hardship through his stepfather’s addiction to alcohol. He lived in a home were stability was not present and both parents were out working most of the time. He experienced a love for basketball and found refuge during a season in the sport. He made friends that were” church going kids” and he would often join them. He accepted The Lord at a youth event, but with no strong foundation at home he soon fell and became another statistic. At the age of 14 he joined a local gang and began living a life style of darkness that included drugs, alcohol, and violence. He was in an out of prison for a period of 7 years and was on a road that led to destruction.

On December 31, 2001 he was involve in a gang shooting and was arrested shortly there after. He soon realized the seriousness of his crime and found himself in the Orange County Jail fighting a life sentence. After a month of being incarcerated he was approached by a born again believer in Jesus Christ, that shared the love of God through the Gospel with him. So in that jail cell he rededicated his life back Jesus.

He was incarcerated for three years, but he used that time to dive deeper into Gods word and began to grow spiritually. After several miraculous events, He was release from prison!

When Gabriel was released he had a desire to listen to rap music but knew that the music out there did not glorify the Lord. So unknown to him that there was such a thing as Christian rap, he began writing and recording his own music. The Lord has open up many doors and his desire is to simply preach the gospel message and put Jesus Christ on display through his ministry.

Gabriel is currently married and has three wonderful kids. He serves at his home Church “Hope Alive Santa Ana.” His passion is to reach the lost and one of the tool the Lord has blessed him with is Gospel rap.

Golden Ticket

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